Mission statement

Help Tibet works in partnership with people of Tibetan origin to promote sustainable communities and develop initiatives which support the wellbeing of the most vulnerable..

Earthquake Appeal

Following the tragic earthquake on Saturday 25th April 2015 in Nepal, Help Tibet has been working to search out as much information as possible so that we can help the Tibetan community in Nepal get back on its feet - however long this takes.

 In the immediate aftermath, on 1st and 3rd May Help Tibet was able to send emergency aid to the Gorka region, which was at the epicentre of the earthquake.

Desperate for help

Since then Nepal has been hit by another major earthquake and a series of equally devastating aftershocks which have affected remote communities north and east of Kathmandu where there is little or no access. We understand that in several communities in these areas there may be a significant number of children suffering family loss and homelessness. Many of the Tibetans in these areas are not officially documented and so will find it difficult to receive support to rebuild their homes.

Eastern Nepal

We are launching this appeal now so that we will be ready to help these devastated communities as soon as the infrastructure makes access possible. The situation is becoming clearer and we are beginning to get a better picture of where help is needed, thus ennabling us to start to formulate plans for reconstruction and vital support once the emergency relief operations conclude.

Any donation you are able to make will give many Tibetans the chance to rebuild their futures. Donations should be sent to:

Help Tibet
PO Box 138

Thank you.

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P.O. BOX 138
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Money Well Spent:

68p pays for everything for an old person in our home, including all medical fees and funerals.
£130 a year pays for the book budget for a primary school library so that new titles can be sourced every month.
£280 funds a solar streetlight in a rural Tibetan community and protects residents from the wild animals that live in the jungle right next door to the villages.

Our running costs are tiny, so every penny you give can make a difference: our staff in the UK all work pro bono.